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Through Lark International Dairy Holdings Limited, the Group holds the following:

A joint venture for a milk processing, bottling and packaging plant in Hong Kong-

Trappist Dairy Limited

We started out as a small dairy farm operated under the Trappist Monastery in the early 60's to supply bottled fresh milk for our neighborhoods on Lantau Island. The small operation carried on until as recently as the early 80's when we relocated from Lantau to Yuen Long in order to meet increasing demand for the Trappist brand fresh milk from the public.

Trappist believes that milk is the best natural source of nutrition. Trappist Dairy is dedicated to providing quality and healthy beverages for you and your family's daily consumption. Apart from pure fresh milk and long-life UHT milk, we also carry a wide range of delicious flavored milk drinks, including soya milk and yogurt drinks.

We are proud to highlight four of our new and unique milk drinks: Low Lactose Low Fat Milk Drink, Ginger Low Fat Milk Drink, Mango-Papaya Low Fat Milk Drink and Oats Hi-Calcium Milk Drink. They offer unique flavors and functions for the needs of different customers.

The characteristic red ribbon on our packages represents our love and care for our customers, and also our insistence on top quality and distinctive taste in our dairy products.

In 2006, Trappist Dairy was awarded "Reader's Digest Trusted Brand 2006 Gold Medal" that was direct voted by consumers.

In 2008, Trappist Dairy Soya Go Go Fresh Soya Milk was named as one of the "Always Something New" top 10 products conducted by Circle K Convenience Store. In addition, Trappist Dairy was awarded the "2009 Top Brand Campaign Award" by 7 Eleven.

A wholly owned milk processing, formulation and packaging plant in Guangzhou, China

Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock Company Limited (CAFL)

The company was established in 1983 in Guangzhou by the Lark Group's founder, Mr. Ira Kaye and his wife, being among the first foreigners investing in the PRC, to run the largest dairy farm and high-tech processing plant in the Southern China. This was started as a vertically integrated dairy business with cow husbandry, R&D, production and processing, distribution and exportation. To cope with the market changes, CAFL is more focusing on R&D, processing, distribution and logistics nowadays.

The processing plant has been equipped with high-tech pasteurized and packaging machines as well as testing instruments from international big brands. It ensures delivery of high quality milk products to its consumers in the Pearl River Delta that are marketed under the famous and highly regarded "Flower Fresh" brand. This is complemented by a second brand, Fresh' N Healthy that was launched in 2003.

CAFL was elected an advanced food manufacturer in Guangzhou in 1988. Its products were elected Guangzhou citizens' most favorite and reliable milk in 2003

Trappist Dairy Ltd.
28 1/2 Miles Castle Rd, Yuen Long
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Fax: (852) 2482 0053

Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock Co.Ltd.
Xin Tang Orchard, Dongpu, Guangzhou
Tel: (86)(20) 3205 3108
Fax: (86)(20) 3205 3473




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