Cityline is a solution-based company which provides full service, technologically advanced, cost-effective and one-stop e-commerce solutions to its major clientele including the government, cinemas, banks, theme parks and event organizers. Ranging from system development, online payment to website and mobile apps design, Cityline endeavors to provide the highest performance and cost-effective e-commerce technical service to customers from different industries, and target to be the leading e-commerce company in Asia.

Universal Ticketing System
inventory and venue ticket
management, Point-of-
Sales (POS) system,
payment handling
Online Payment Service
proprietary online payment
platform to offer a
variety of online
payment options
Online Enrollment Solution
enrollment set up, customer
service, payment method,
analyzing reports
Reservation Management
real-time checking of booking status, statistical reports and integrated with different CRM systems
Website and Mobile Apps Design
website and mobile apps
interface design and
Ticketing Agency Service
full service ticketing system,
priority booking, mobile
and online booking
Customized System Integration
development of customized
system to meet the specific
requirement of clientele