Silver Screen Media

Silver Screen Media is a leader in out-of-home media with a strategic focus on cinema and screen advertising. Silver Screen Media presents creative and imaginative advertising solutions across a broad spectrum of media in cinema circuits covering many prime locations in Hong Kong, including UA Cinemas and Ma On Shan Cinema. Silver Screen Media offers advertising clients multiple, engaging and cost-effective media touch-points to connect with their respective customers.


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Digital Advertising
cinema screen advertising, screen walls, lobby TVs, concession counters
and vending
Sticker Wrappings
box offices, concession counters, pillars and escalators
coupons, leaflets and samples distribution
Displays & Events
lobby billboards, standee placements, mini booths and interactive performances
motion images projection on walls or floors
Special Builds
soft-drink cups, pop-corn cups, seat-cover advertising and
lavatory de-