Trappist Dairy

In the early 1960s, The Trappist Haven Monastery began to produce fresh milk for the residents on a small scale in Lantau Island, Hong Kong and the business has been operating until the early 1980s. In order to meet the huge demand of the public on the Trappist milk, the establishment of a joint venture with the Lark Group and other investors to set up Trappist Dairy Limited. The scale of the plant was also expanded and moved to Yuen Long from Lantau Island, and by the management of the Lark Group.

Trappist Dairy strives to delight customers with high-quality dairy products . It launches a new range of milk, flavored milk beverages, yogurt drinks and yogurts including banana, mango papaya, ginger and chocolate milk drinks ; yogurt drinks in blueberry and strawberry flavors as well as UHT full cream milk for catering clients.

In recent years, Trappist Dairy has broken new ground by launching Spoona Yogurt and Sippa Yogurt made with fresh milk, which received very positive response from customers. Following with a great success of the unique yogurt creations, Trappist introduced Spoona low-fat series in strawberry and passion fruit flavors in 2019. With its unique flavor and texture, Spoona and Sippa have brought excitement to consumer and become popular among the market which also helps to keep Trappist Dairy a competitive position in the market.


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